Corporate Wellness Consulting 

With nearly a decade of experience as a fitness professional in NYC, and the human performance coach for over two years at an international hedge fund - 10 offices worldwide, 600 employees - Mitchell has the knowledge and experience to lead your company's path to wellness. Through a constantly evolving methodology of physical fitness, mindfulness practice, proper nutrition habits, and regeneration, Mitchell McClellan Performance works with Executive Committees and HR managers to create long term wellness strategies for your company. We offer a wide range of services for your company - big, small, or growing.

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Executive Fitness

C - Suite need a boost? Let us take your performance to the next level.  Leaders set an example, show your team that your company is commited to peak performance at the highest levels. 

Group Training 

Who says the conference room can't double as a gym? Where minimalism meets maximum results - Refined through years of training in corporate environments,  we can make almost any area a funtional fitness space. 


Assessments + Personal Wellness Strategy Sessions / Lunch and learn

Lunch and learn sessions are a great way to get employees involved in learning about health + wellness in a relaxed environment. Presenting in your kitchen or cafeteria area while employees listen and come and go through the presentation taking what they need with the flexibility to still focus on their workload. 

Our Assessment with Personal Wellness Strategy is a program in which we utilize a private conversation, biometrics testing, and a movement screening to create a personal program for you to follow including: corrective exercises, cardio plan, mindfulness practice, and resistance training program. 


Nutrition Curation 

The modern office kitchen, particularly in New York, widely varies from company to company. While every office doesn't have the resources of a large tech firm, you can still be efficient with your spending. Buying foods and drinks that have a long term return on employees and ultimately the company. While possible to save money acutely by populating the kitchen with low value foods, you will lose in the long term when employees miss work from being sick or are consistently underperforming due to constant fatigue and poor health.