Nutrition Coaching


Precision Nutrition 

This is the system the pros turn to. MMP utilizes the coaching software and education developed over 20+ years working with everyone from Olympic gold medalists, to NFL, NBA, UFC, and NHL athletes, to recreational exercisers, to Fortune 100 companies like Apple and Nike.

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Pro Coach software

As a MMP client you’ll get the chance to use ProCoach, Precision Nutrition's cutting-edge nutrition coaching software that allows our coaches to develop your personalized nutritional program, in less time, with better results.

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Lets Face it

We all know that food's primary utilization is fuel for the body, but our relationship with food is much deeper than that. In our society food is social! Particularly in metropolitan areas, restaurants, cafes, and bars are where we meet friends, make business deals, and celebrate milestones. At MMP we're not in the business of convincing our clients to eat like rabbits because we know thats neither pleasurable or sustainable. Instead, we teach a moderate approach, educating our clients on making the best possible decisions in different scenarios. So have a cocktail, have a bagel, just not everyday.