Performance Coaching

At Mitchell McClellan Performance we don't use the term 'personal trainer' for a reason, we're coaches. Our clients live a high performance lifestyleand that means they depend on us for more than just workouts.  We believe that behavioral change is the single most important variable of success, and to accomplish this you need someone who has a holistic plan for you. Your mindfulness practice, nutrition choices, fitness programming, bio-metric monitoring, and coaching all add up to your success.  


peak performance 

With clients at the pinnacles of their industry - peak performance isn't a luxury, its a necessity. Whether you are a lawyer representing high profile clients, a portfolio manager deploying billions of dollars in international markets, or climbing the ladder and aspiring for the next level of professional success - it starts with a plan. 



Performance coaching is the core of our business at Mitchell McClellan Performance. A method developed by nearly a decade of experience in the worlds most competitive market, MMP has succeeded and stood out where others failed simply on results. This isnt show up a couple times a week for a workout, this is a transformative experience of your mind and body. 



The supercompensation model drives our programming principles. Simply put - supercompensation is the post training period during which the trained function/parameter has a higher performance capacity than it did prior to the training period. This theory specifies that regeneration is key to success and longevity. Through soft tissue work, motor control protocols, and specific nutrition, we can maintain and enhance peak performance during training cycles.