Performance COaching

This is beyond personal training, this is an immersive experience. As a client of MMP, you have access to around the clock coaching and expertise. From calls to text messages to email, as a client - you have access to Mitchell and his team 7 days a week. 


corporate Wellness consulting

After spending several years as the Human Performance Coach at an international hedge fund, we are perfectly prepared to handle nearly any facet of corporate wellness. With a wide range of services, we are expertly equipped to increase your employee's performance on any scale or budget. 


BIO METRIC monitoring

Using Omegawave technology, clients perform a four minute at rest assessment once per day. This measurement provides us with bio markers used to determine cardiac and CNS fatigue.. Utilizing this data we adapt your training program in real time, making adjustments in real time to deliver the most comprehensive personal fitness program.  The same technonology used by elite NBA, NFL, MLB teams.. and you. 


Nutritional Coaching 

Clients undergo rigorous REE (Resting Energy Expenditure) and RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) testing to determine energy supply levels. Accessing nutritional coaching software, clients are able to stay up to the minute on their individual needs. Continuous access allows for continuous results. 


Fitness assessment

Have you worked with a trainer before? Did they perform a "movement screen," a few push ups and pull ups, and make you run a mile? With our client intake we perform an in depth measurement of your current fitness capabilities including orthopedic limitations, strength abilities, motor control, and cardiovascular fitness - learn more about it below. 


program design 

Let's face it, we all get paralyzed at the gym sometimes. Not really having a goal, or the equipment you planned on using is occupied, or you're new to training and need some direction greater than the tear out workouts in magazines. We got you covered.